A Sustainable Tomorrow excels in creating meetings that make sustainability happen. We create opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to get to know each other and develop collaborations that provide added value for individuals, businesses, and society. The business sector is a crucial engine for sustainable development. Sustainable businesses can drive the transition and empower other societal actors.

A Sustainable Tomorrow has the experience and expertise required to organize conferences, workshops, and training sessions with leading national and international speakers and coaches. Everything is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, where we concretely help you and your company or organization achieve results. We contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow and create new business opportunities through partnerships.


Entrepreneur and Founder

Bo Nilsson is an entrepreneur who has worked with relationships and networks his entire life. He develops businesses across a wide range of industries in Sweden, Norway and South Africa with the same common goal: to encourage people with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences to collaborate in order to create sustainable, long-reaching results.

Content Manager and Moderator

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson is a journalist, presenter, moderator, author and speaker with a focus on sustainability. She is the host of We Don’t Have Time’s international climate broadcasts and a co-founder of the international climate organization Our Kids’ Climate. She has published 12 books on sustainability and delivers lectures both in Sweden and internationally.


There are only six years left until 2030, the world is marked by war and conflicts, the US is headed for a decisive election on November 5, 2024, and most sustainability trends are pointing in the wrong direction. That’s why all good forces are needed in this crucial year of 2024. A Sustainable Tomorrow is convinced that cross-border collaborations in various forms are one of the answers to the path towards a sustainable tomorrow. Join the movement 2024!

On September 11, 2024, the largest digital sustainability event in the Nordic region will take place – the eleventh edition of A Sustainable Tomorrow – with participants at local hubs around the Nordics. In 2023, the number of hubs was 150 and 20,000 people participated; in 2024, we aim to reach even more.

This year’s focus area is: Dissonance – methods and examples to bridge the gap between what we know we must do and what we actually do.

The digilog format
The digilog format maximizes the synergies between digital and physical meetings. It increases implementation capacity by allowing us to engage more people and include new groups in the sustainability transition from all sectors of society.


Gurgîn Bakircioglu, lecturer and journalist advocating for climate justice for Sweden’s suburbs and low-income earners.

Maria Wolrath Söderberg, associate professor of rhetoric at Södertörn University. She focuses on goal conflicts, tensions, and clashes of values ​​in relation to climate change and sustainability.

Kata Nylén, licensed psychologist and co-founder of Climate Psychologists. An expert advisor for A Sustainable Tomorrow within this year’s focus area of Dissonance.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, is a recurring and highly appreciated lecturer at A Sustainable Tomorrow. He provides a global environmental analysis linked to this year’s focus area of Dissonance.

Andreas Magnusson, climate activist, moderator, and speaker with a special focus on including youth in sustainability transitions.

Gustaf Skarsgård och Johan M. Reunanen, actor and sustainability expert who illuminate the climate crisis from a dependency perspective.

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, content manager and moderator.


A Sustainable Tomorrow excels at facilitating meetings that drive sustainability forward. Together with our international and national experts, as well as the expertise within our partner companies, this forms your unique competency pool outside of your industry-specific networks. Our goal is to accelerate the sustainability efforts of each company and contribute new perspectives and solutions. We are a catalyst for actors who want to move from words to action!

A Sustainable Tomorrow currently has around 20 main partners who participate in the activities by selecting a focus area each year, initiating new collaborations, and engaging in competence development in various forms. We are a modern meeting arena that brings together actors from different sectors and perspectives based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

Hub organizers are cross-sectoral networks that bring together different sectors in a city or region. Significant synergies in the sustainability transition are generated when leading companies and organizations collaborate with local operational networks to collectively contribute to the UN’s global goals.

A Sustainable Tomorrow is constantly seeking new partners. Our ambition is to engage more than 100,000 digital participants to have even greater impact, implementation power, and visibility in the most important issue of our time.

If you want to learn more about becoming a partner, email info@asustainabletomorrow.se

If you want to learn more about becoming a hub organizer, email hubb@asustainabletomorrow.se


For questions and inquiries, please contact us at info@asustainabletomorrow.se

Bo Nilsson, Founder
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Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, Content Manager
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